Rhassoul is a natural mineral clay extracted from the Atlas Mountains. This clay has been used for centuries by Moroccan women and has become part of the Moroccan traditions. Rhassoul is used as an ultra gentle treatment to cleanse and heal the body, face and hair. The ancestral Rhassoul was used as an alternative to shampoo and shower gel. Its high concentration of minerals such as Magnesium and Potassium, detoxifies and tightens the pores. It acts as a very gentle peel that purifies and smoothes the skin while leaving a silky finish. Highly recommanded for oily hair and skin, Rhassoul degreases without stripping or damaging the leather scalp and relgulates the secretion of sebum. Enriched with algae, this treatment has anti-aging and hydrating properties.

Contains : 125g

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Mix 1/3 of Rhassoul with 2/3 of water to obtain a paste then apply it on hair, body and face as a mask then rinse.

-90% Rhassoul

-10% Algae powder

-100% natural treatment.


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